Shikakai Reetha ( Soap Nut Powder ) 8 oz and Neem wood comb with handle

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PRODUCT 1 – SHIKAKAI POWDER – CLEANSES and CONDITIONS – It is a mild ayurvedic cleanser which has been used in the Indian subcontinent since vedic times. Softens your hair and detangles.
PRODUCT 2 – MILD HAIR CLEANSER – Natural hair cleanser without chemicals . ANTI BACTERIAL – Hence beneficial in cleansing scalp . Prevents dandruff . Anti bacterial – Hence beneficial in cleansing scalp . Prevents dandruff .
PRODUCT 3 – NEEM WOOD COMB WITH HANDLE – Neem wood is a proven anti bacterial and germicide wood , hence keeps dandruff away .
Has medicinal properties which wards off fungal and bacterial infections away.
It is non static , therefore prevents hair from appearing frizzy. Suitable for all age groups
Ethically harvested. Naturally dried so as to retain nutritional potency , color and aroma . In buying this product you help sustain the marginalized farmer as this product is sourced from small farmers . Triple sifted for extra fine henna.

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